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About the Service

Our role is to improve health and reduce inequality through a range of universal and targeted interventions and services. We produce an independent annual report on the health of the population and we are responsible for the co-ordination of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for Cornwall.

The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment informs how we target our interventions and services. Our work is integral to ensuring that a strategic approach for meeting people’s needs and the promotion of health and wellbeing is prioritised and embedded by all across Cornwall. Given that our work is so fundamental to the Council’s ambition to create a sustainable Cornwall, we are a cross-cutting service which reports directly to the Chief Executive.

We are led by the Director of Public Health which is a statutory post accountable to the Council and Secretary of State for Health. 

We commission a range of services which include the NHS Health Check Programme, National Child Measurement Programme, Sexual Health Services and public health nursing. We provide public health advice to the NHS and we work with Public Health England and other local services to protect the health of the population from infectious diseases and environmental hazards.


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